- Can I make a change?

ü Of course! the 1 change is free. If at the time of the change, buy another product, then the 2 change is free.ηηη

1. Go to www. gigi. com. gr , select the new product or number you are interested in and start an order process like the first time you ordered.

2. Fill in your details and in the "Comments" field write the 6-digit number of your first order that you will find in the present sex at the top right or in the email sent to you. Complete the order by selecting payment on delivery.

3. Place the shoebox όπως το παραλάβατεin the carton or carry-on bag as you received it.

4. Finally, stick the change sticker that you will find inside on the carton or bag.

5. We will send the new product you have chosen and will be delivered to you by ACS Courier at your place.

ü If the amount is the same keep the receipt. courier. Αν είναι μικρότερο (υποχρεωτική η απόδειξη), θα σας επιστρέψουμε τη διαφορά ή θα μείνει πιστωτικό υπόλοιπο στο λογαριασμό σας. Στην επόμενη παραγγελία σας, όποτε την κάνετε, θα αφαιρεθεί το ποσό αυτό.

No change or refund can be made for products worn or not in their original packaging and without proof.

The refund is free. Please note that for the successful return the product must be in its original state accompanied by the retail receipt.

For Cyprus and abroad the change is entirely a burden on the customer.

For any question we are at your disposal. Email us at info@gigi. com. gr or message on our Facebook or Instagram pages.